Dark Humour

When situations arise that are often hard to deal with whether that be sadness, loss or unfortunate event (or all of the above) we find ourselves distressed by them, during these times its hard to find the funny side.

I mean we humans do take things very seriously (myself included) but with my new work I have decided to look as events that have surrounded my life through direct experiences or those told to me and witnessed by friends to help me find the underlined humour that surrounds me everyday.

Because surely these situations aren’t all bad. Are they???


‘Sometimes looking at the funny side of life gives us a better perspective on things. A good sense of humour is the perfect antidote to stress and anxiety.

See if there is a humorous side to what’s happening – maybe it would be funny if you were watching it happen to someone else!

So look for the humour.’ – James Borg